So Many Ways

by So Many Ways

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released April 1, 2011



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So Many Ways Chicago

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Track Name: I've Made A Huge Mistake
This time you've crossed the line…
I know what you said, the conscience you fled.
Claims of taking the world as you rot in your bed.
Those you've hurt know your lack of worth.
The selfishness you've had since birth.
The constant lies, the times that I've tried
To be your friend don't mean shit in your eyes.
Your faults constantly on display,
Will lead to your downfall one day.

But we will say…
This is the last time that I’ll let you fall back on me.
I don’t want to be made up as something I’ll never be.
The ground you walk on, support that keeps you standing up.
I’ll be the one staring down when you can’t get yourself out.

It's time you knew your place…
Waited three years just to see your face.
You always conceal what you think is real,
But you can't look away from how we feel.
A liar, a cheat, you're no goddamn friend.
I just can't wait for this all to end.
Your faults always on display,
will lead to your downfall one day.

And I can't believe that I ever paid you a favor.
When I knew that you would do absolutely nothing to save her.
And I hope someone else has the good grace to let you in.
Cause I’ll never let that happen to me again, hell no.

You should have known that this would come back to haunt you,
Even when all of your fictions once seemed true.
A liar, a cheat, and never a friend.
We were always just your means to an end.
Track Name: Sleepmask
You’re beginning to test my patience.
I shouldn’t take this from such an acquaintance.
Why can’t you ever get to the point?
Or just spit out what were trying to say.
You talk so much, but say so little.
Always late, always fickle.
Why can’t you ever get to the point?
It’s not as if we cared.

As of late, you seem to walk a fine line
Between those who matter and those of your kind.
Always one to let the last word slip,
You’re a disease and I can’t get over it.

Why won’t you listen
To a god damn word I have to say?
When we just discussed this the other day.
Now why won’t you listen?
Acting so disrespectfully
Never came as a surprise to me.

So much commotion but lack of action.
Never satisfied, no attraction.
Don’t know what it’ll take to let you know
That you were always meant to be alone.
Motivation is not your forte.
It never has, and it never will be.
Why can’t you ever get to the point?
It’s not as if I cared in the first place.

Oh, this is the way I feel without you.
Overjoyed, I undervalued how much appreciation really means to me.
I’m finally free, I’ll live my life alone and I’ll love every minute that you give me.

We were never one in the same,
Not cut from the same cloth.
I took my path and you took yours.
My help never seemed to be enough.

So this is why they call you cold,
The qualities you oversold,
The way you never let me fall asleep.
I hate the way you look at me,
The stories that you’d always say.
We’ve grown apart and things will never change.
Track Name: Murph's Life Hints
Wasting time with your billboard signs.
Swift action is on the decline.
We’ll do what you’ve done for years,
But with our own blood, sweat and tears.

Our future is here and it starts today.
We can’t let it end, won’t let it go your way.

Motivated in my mind. So this time, I’m getting up.
My pride’s been underrated and I feel like I've had enough.
Injustice in my thoughts, and it’s racing through my head
That I’d be better off dead.

I can’t believe that you refuse to see what’s right in front of you.
What’s often hidden from us is hidden in plain view.
Now I don’t want to be perceived as if I’m preaching to you,
But you have to open your eyes enough to see the truth.

Our future is here and it starts today.
Track Name: Oak Island
Even when blindfolded,
It’s so easy to see right through you.
You lie in a bed of contradictions,
But that part, I’m sure you already knew.
Please don’t attempt to justify the hatred on your face.
Everyone deserves to love and be loved.
Everyone deserves to love and be loved.

If you never existed,
Then we’d be better off.
Judge based on one’s character,
And not who they choose they love.

For those who’ve been humiliated,
I swear it gets better for you.
Leave their ignorance in the past,
They have no idea what you went through.
Forced to bear those dark days,
Through the hell you only knew.
We will stand up,
We will stand tall for you.

We would be better off
Without your mindless taunting.
How is it so hard to just respect everyone?
Is it really a task so daunting?
Please don’t attempt to justify the hatred on your face.
Everyone deserves to love and be loved.
Everyone deserves to love and be loved.

I remember ever since that first day, that warm September week.
I always thought you and I were impossible to see.
Now I’m so, and you’re so, we’re both so in love.
I swear I’ll never know just what you see in me.
Track Name: 37 Chambers
So criticize me any way you want.

I’ve been gripping to the sides of my pillow,
I’ve been grinding my teeth to dust.
With you often lost in the foreground,
I’ve been dying to lose your trust.

So criticize me any way you want,
I’ve been dying to let you know that you can
Rationalize this any way you want,
Forgive me if I say it ain’t so.

I begged and I pleaded
For what I thought I needed,
A sense of balance and tranquility.
But now I know we cease to even search for peace,
Leaving no hope left for me.

I’ve never been on your level,
Remained content to resemble
A reflection of my former self.

I’ve been thrown to the lions,
An act of defiance against you and your point of view
So eager to sob against a backdrop
Of a sky so beautiful.

Come on, you’re wrong,
Corrupt and flawed.
It's old, your end all be all.
Beginning to an end,
Lost in the moat, lusting for castle walls.
You're falling apart and forgetting one thing,
Wasting away on the inside of thighs.
And I know that regret will scar.
What's left that isn't split and marred.
Return you back to dirt, you will be seeping into the earth.
Track Name: Dirtfoot
So I can see that now you live so masqueraded.
Every ounce of the good in you has faded.
Passive aggressiveness, I thought you stood for more than this.
Well I guess that I must have been mistaken.

I should have known you’d be the one to let her down.
Buried a friendship, no more common ground.
You couldn’t help but become the company you keep.
Having to live with yourself, how could you sleep?

You wrote the book on disappointment.
Not giving, but taking for your own enjoyment.
You wrote the book on disappointment.
Satisfied with a life so dormant.